Xp3® High Octane Fuel Treatment

Xp3 Gas Additive increases the octane to effectly provide the same performance as 100 octane gasoline. Xp3 increases performance, and will even give you faster times at the drag strip.

One very small bottle of Xp3 is highly concentrated and will treat up to 20 gallons of fuel. Xp3 has been proven over 20 years to never harm a single engine, and it is impossible to use too much.

Xp3 cleans the carburetor, fuel injectors, valves, fuel gauge sensors, and all other fuel system engine components. Xp3 dissolves ethanol impurites, dissolves harmful fuel system deposits and greatly increases octane for more power.

Six Xp3 Gas Treatments ship for the same price as one. A single treatment costs only $6.99 per tank.
Single Bottle Treatment Quantities

16 Ounce and Larger Quantities (BEST VALUE)

Order direct from manufacturer for 6 bottles or more. Larger quantities are significantly less expensive.

Order Direct from Fuel Direct

Independent Distributors (Drop Ship Commissions and Overrides)
Xp3® Fuel Direct Distributors invest only $499 for a Sales Kit and Xp3 Eagle Product Package. You profit from online retail sales from your Fuel Direct and Bling websites as Fuel Direct processes your orders, drop ships and sends commission checks directly to you. You also get paid for new Distributors that sign up through your Fuel Direct and Bling websites. You also get paid overrides on all retail sales sold by your Distributors through 7 levels.
Xp3 Eagle Product Package $499

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