RaceBra® Clear Bra in a Bottle™

RaceBra® protects your car from road rash and paint chips. RaceBra clear bra rolls on white and dries clear. You can coat your entire car with it! When applied with a roller it is invisible up to about 6 feet away. Upon close inspection you will see faint roller marks. You can also have a Bling Detailer apply it with a high pressure airless sprayer for an invisible "clear coat look".

RaceBra forms a thick protective coating that saves your auto paint finish from road rash and paint chips. Completely invisible from a distance, it lasts for months. One bottle covers 7 front ends, or 3 complete cars. Keep your paint looking "factory-fresh" in daily driving, on long drives and even at the race track. RaceBra's durable coating lasts for months and then easily peels right off with water.

Always apply two coats - for best protection and to be sure RaceBra will come off easily. Failure to use two coats could result in difficult removal. The thicker the coating, the easier it is to remove.

Clear bras applied in sheets of plastic film can cost thousands of dollars. RaceBra costs $39.99.
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